Beta Blockers!

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Beta Blockers!

Post by monkeybus » Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:43 am

Was at my expensive neurologist yesterday, just for a chat and to arrange my next MRI.

I had taken plenty of 4-AP-3-MeOH, and he was amazed at my walking ability. He assumed it was down to him and the meds he prescribed. I put him right on that one.
Not your medicine.
Anyway, I'd read about some people with spasticity taking Beta Blockers to help their symptoms and I asked him what he thought of this. He said how it's normally prescribed for heart problems, but he does prescribe for tremors.

I have tremors. As well, what is clonus if it isn't one, huge tremor?

I was reminded of also, of my comrade Equinney's post on the Excellent AMNEasier board: ... nxiousness

Stressful situations trigger the fight or flight response, God knows how many different hormones get released to prepare your body for a fight (or run away), This may be OK for able-bodied people, but these situations can wreak havoc on anyone with spasticity. If I am stressed, my legs turn to jelly, and I am shaking like a thing that shakes a lot. All in all, stress isn't good for my spasticity.

I remember, back in the 80's when there was a mini scandal about snooker players taking Beta Blockers to up their game. Stop all outward signs of stress, the tremor, the sweating, the raised heartbeat, nice and calm. On the Olympic list of banned, performance enhancing drugs too.

I see the North Korean shooting team were caught using Beta blockers at the Beijing Olympics as well. ... ugsinsport

I have heard a lot of musicians and actors take Beta Blockers to deal with stage fright and whatnot.

Anyway, he prescribed me some Propranonol.
How much do you want?
Cracking doctor, glad my insurance pays.

Anyways, I am road testing the pills right now. Feel great. I'll have to look into this further.

By the way, this site is actually sponsored, can you believe that?

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We have to pay the rent.

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