Modafinil is fantastic

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Modafinil is fantastic

Post by admin » Mon Mar 09, 2020 9:20 am

If chronic fatigue is the game, Modafinil is the name. Something like that, haven't really thought that one through.

But Modafinil was the final thing I tried in my long, awful journey to cut into my fatigue. Maybe the worst thing about fatigue is how absolutely nobody takes it seriously. Accused of being lazy, self-indulgent, not eating properly, not getting enough sleep, and on, and on.

Go to doctors, even neurologists, and they literally back away. Appear like some drug-seeking drug addict. I, for a long time, tried to get prescribed some Methylphenidate. Nice and cheap, and a pretty low-octane stimulant. No chance, though years ago, when I was in Japan, he offered me some Pemoline.
I read it was hepatoxic, though. Didn't take him up on it.

But, I have persuaded plenty of doctors to prescribe Modafinil. The trouble is then getting it out of the .. The first time, they refused to give it to me, then they immediately rang the doctor and tore a strip off him for daring to prescribe it. No problem, I went to my neurologist and he inked out a ., but then the . informs me that it wasn't covered by my insurance for Adrenomyeloneuropathy.
It's not approved!
What's going on? I did actually go back to my neurologist and said, let's get it approved for AMN. He just stared at me. I'm not sure what the procedure would be, whether there would have to be trials, or what. Maybe, it's just a simple matter of keeping costs down. Every new approved disease = another hole in the insurance company's pocket. Like the fiction that women don't suffer from AMN. If they agreed, yes, women do indeed suffer, it could nigh on double the number of patients. A lot of them asking for medicine.

I am nothing if not a can-do kind of man, so I just bought it online. A leap of faith, but you can only Google vendors and see who gets good reviews., if you are interested. I think they are gone now.

I have posted plenty about what it was like when I first took Modafinil, I'd been fatigued for getting on for ten years, and I didn't actually know that I had fatigue. Like the spasticity, the fatigue had slowly crept up on me, and it was normal to wake up, go to work, quickly eat lunch, sleep, start home, sleep on the train, get home, go straight to sleep. If sleep cured fatigue, I'd have been home and dry.

But I'd read about fatigue being part of some peoples' Multiple Sclerosis experience, and from what I read, it certainly looked the same as how I was feeling. Anything was worth a shot, especially considering the fact that the only medicines I had been prescribed for AMN thus far were Baclofen, Tizanidine and Clonazepam. None of them likely to wake me up.

Anyway, I took it, and it was a revelation. Nothing like that scene in Limitless, but enlightening nonetheless.

Like I had been at the bottom of a deep, dark well, and then I was out in the sunlight. And I am not exaggerating here. Fantastic. I have taken it every day for over five years now. From time to time, I think it is no longer working, so I give myself a day or two off of the Modafinil, then I get back on it. Business as usual.

The scary thing is, Modafinil is now generic, so it should be cheap. Should be. Fat chance. Costs a fortune. Don't ask me why.

If you want to buy Modafinil, mod4all ships from the UK.

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