More TENS/EMS vids

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
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More TENS/EMS vids

Post by admin » Sat Mar 14, 2020 6:51 am

Here we go.

I moved to electrodes away from my peronial nerve and put them onto my calf muscle.


A jumble of wires and tape, not pretty.

Here are some YouTube playlists, several vids in each one.

Hang on ,YouTube took the vids down. I'll reupload on a different account.

Modulated TENS

Frequency constantly changes from 20 -80 Hz

Pulse width constantly changes from 50-250 μs

See how the muscle undulates? Feels lovely.

Next up is a couple of EMS settings. EMS has work/rest periods. On and off. You can see the entire muscle tense up. You may even hear me grunt. That's not pain, it actually feels so pleasant when the juice flows in and the muscle responds.


Frequency 80 Hz

Pulse width 350 μs

Frequency 45 Hz

Pulse width 350 μs

I'll post up some science next

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