Some great evidence here. Have you tried? Were you on the clinical trial? A home experimenter? What did you take? What dose? What was the result?
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Mito-Q is a modified form of CoQ10. I used to take a lot of CoQ10, until I read that it is such a large molecule, it is nigh on impossible to take enough of it to make any real difference. It cannot penetrate into your mitochondria.


There are a few of these mitochondrial nutrients/antioxidants out there. All with varying levels of effectiveness/toxicity.

I first read about Mito-Q years ago, here:
Antioxidant drug knocks down multiple sclerosis-like disease in mice

Multiple Sclerosis, maybe, but close enough to our disease for me.

And here's more :
MitoQ for MS

And here's more :
Scientific report

And :
Clinical trial (no results yet)

If you accept that the VLCFA's cause oxidative damage, and this in turn triggers mitochondrial dysfunction, then taking Mito-Q seems like a good idea.

Mito-Q is patented, and it ain't cheap, I kept on meaning to buy some, then I forgot all about it, until I read this :
New Worm Model May Help in More Quickly Finding Ways to Treat X-ALD, Study Shows

Just what seems a minor news article about using earthworms to research our disease, but the bit that got me was:
When researchers used a mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant called MitoQ, the size of lipid (fat) droplets in worm cells returned to normal. This was accompanied by a lessening of both axonal degeneration, and improved locomotion.

Taken together, these results suggested that targeting mitochondrial metabolism may have therapeutic benefits for X-ALD.
There you go. Something else that has to be worth a try.

You can but Mito-Q

I have seen it on Amazon as well, but it isn't any cheaper.

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Re: Mito-Q

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Sounds promising, it's worth a try :)

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